The Non-Profit MD

The NonProfitMD – A Prescription for Success


Janet Byington has 30 years of experience leading non-profits and businesses to success.  She has worked with small and large non-profits and for profits leading staff retreats and Board workshops to help them function at their maximum potential.  She has coordinated every possible fundraiser from the smallest bake sales to the largest auctions that make over $100K a year. Working with Janet, her organizations have raised millions of dollars in capital campaigns.

Many of her organizations have seen a 500% increase in donations and grant funding.  Many have also improved year after year and are sustaining themselves 20-30 years later.  The impact she can have on your organization is HUGE!

 Whether it’s strategic planning, fundraising, managing a capital campaign, becoming grant ready or simply motivating your Board to become more actively engaged in your cause, she can give you strategies for the following:

  • How to maximize your volunteer work force and gain the most profits.
  • How to get the biggest bang for your fundraising buck while not exhausting your donors or your Board members.
  • How to make your non-profit grant ready.

 Some of Janet’s past and present experience include:



  • District Director for US Congressman with special focus on grants
  • Established a Best Practices federal grants workshops in offices across the country.

Fundraising and Event Planning

  • Experience includes Capital Campaigns, event planning and fundraising for churches, organizations and schools
  • Large and small events: golf tournaments to coordinating the First Lady’s Luncheon for Michelle Obama for 2,000 guests in Washington

Board Member Engagement

  • Served as President, Board Member or Development Director of over 20 non-profits, including women’s organizations, museums, parades, arts and crafts fairs, leadership workshops, etc.
  • Served as a Director or Board Member in a variety of civic organization

Facilitated Strategic planning and staff retreats

  • Led staff retreats in both non-profit and for profit organizations
  • Helped organizations determine short term and long term manageable goals


      Other areas of expertise include: Extensive grant writing, social media marketing, event planning, annual fund development, capital campaigns, newsletter marketing, donor development






Dear Friend,
               I have spent the last 30 plus years working with for profits and non- profits in a variety of positions.  I know what works and what doesn’t work.  I also know that many non profits spend years and thousands of dollars on things that simple do not make them successful.  They struggle each and every year just to cover operating expenses.
                Are you tired of the struggle and worry?  I can show you how to be a success while getting the most out of your workforce and Board.  I can show you how to find grants to fit your needs.
                I won’t waste your time or your money because plenty of people have wasted mine.  My strategies and solutions are tried and true.  Some are pretty simple, but some will require hard work. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  The question you have to ask is “Is your mission and vision worth the work?”
                My favorite quote is “If you want your life to operate on the high level that you say you do, there is no way around the hard work it takes to get you there.”  This should be the mantra for every one of your staffer and Board Members.  I can wake them up!  I can motivate them!  I can motivate YOU!
                 It will be the very best money you spend this year.   Look at the list attached and decide what you need the most.  The Non Profit MD is here to help diagnose your organization and give you a prescription for success.
                Find what works best for you!